Welcome to Design Technology and Vocational Learning

The Design Technology and Vocation Learning Faculty strives to provide outstanding lessons in which students achieve well, enjoy their learning and are creative. We aim to provide a stimulating environment with a hard-working and positive atmosphere, where students encourage one another and are inspired to be successful. We hope that students will learn to work confidently, independently and creatively, incorporating new technologies at every opportunity and learning to be prepared for the world of lifelong learning and the career that awaits them.


Name Role
Mark Richards Head of Design, Technology and Vocational Learning
Nick Ruddlesdin Teacher of Design and Technology
Jade Eden Teacher of Design and Technology
Julie Underwood Teacher of Hair and Beauty and Design and Technology
Joanne Cutts Teacher of Child Development

Key Stage 3

The Design and Technology course at Key Stage 3 provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to access the Product Design, Engineering, Materials Technology, Textiles and Food courses in Key Stage 4. Year 7 is intended as an introduction to many new skills and processes including; using a sewing machine, using workshop tools and machinery, learning to solder and preparing food using healthy ingredients and simple techniques. These skills are built on in year 8 where students learn more advanced techniques such as; soldering to a printed circuit board, using CAD/CAM such as 3D printers and vinyl cutters, sublimations printing and combining food ingredients in more complex ways.


Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, we offer Product Design, Textiles, Electronic Products, Food and Nutrition and Engineering at GCSE level – all through the AQA ‘Design and Technology’ specifications.
Child Development is offered as a GCSE.
We also offer a level 2 vocational course in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy and examined through VTCT.


Homework and revision information.

The following are links for Design and Technology revision and homework.

“Time flies really quickly when you are being creative and enjoying yourself”

Y11 student

“I love getting to make products”

Y7 student

“I like using the machinery to cut and shape materials”

Y9 student