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We in the Humanities Faculty are extraordinarily enthusiastic about our subject and strive to create exciting, imaginative and inspiring lessons that allow students to experience humanities through a variety of innovative mediums. We believe in consistently challenging students to hone their skills and broaden their knowledge with targeted and personalised learning; we encourage them to ask questions of themselves and the subject itself so that they can become independent and self-sufficient learners. We believe the study of Humanities is vital, as it offers not only an excellent understanding of the many ways that the world has developed and changed over time, but also a greater understanding of the world we live in today.
Historically, the department has achieved excellent exam results and many of our students share our enthusiasm and go on to study Humanities at P16 and beyond.


Our courses are designed to give students access to modern world issues from local concerns to global discussions. Students are taught the skills which are needed to achieve at GCSE throughout KS3 to support their success.


  • Boosting the Profile of Women in Sports

    In our citizenship class, we are trying to boost the profile of women’s sports by making people more aware of them, encouraging people to get active in our campaign and engaging the school community with our girls’ sports team.


  • Humanities Awards Evening

    Students have been awarded with prestigious awards in Humanities, Geography, Philosophy and History.




Geography runs as a 2 year course covering the following topics.

• Natural Hazards
• Economic world
• Resource management
• Physical landscapes
• Physical field work
• Physical field work
• Urban issues
• Human field work
• Ecosystems
• Geographical applications








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