About the Academy

Chief Executive: Martyn Oliver
Executive Principal: Dr Philip Smith
Principal: Mr Godsway Dzoboku

The amazing thing about Outwood Academy Portland, is what happens every day in every lesson.

It is inspiring to find an educational environment where staff and students strive every day to be better than they were yesterday. At Outwood Academy Portland, we have teachers who constantly develop their skills and expand their repertoire in order to provide students with an outstanding learning experience that challenges them every hour of every day. When this is coupled with first rate classroom assistants, mentors, tutors and inclusion support assistants – it creates an ethos where everyone values every learning opportunity and devotes their time to creating experiences that move students’ learning forward.

However, the most remarkable aspect of Outwood Academy Portland is the students themselves. Their commitment to learning and to facing challenging problems is what moves us, and makes our staff want to strive for the levels they now reach. Our students show amazing resilience, a love of learning and a thirst to be the best that they can be. This ignites every teacher’s enthusiasm for their subject, resulting in an outstanding learning environment where staff and students value and respect each other. We now have an academy where we can see the greatness in each other, which enthuses and motivates us all.

As a result, there is no wonder that we are proud to be part of the community that is Outwood Academy Portland, and value the time we spend here – on our journey to providing a level of education that truly is world class.