Year 10 into 11 Guided Pathway - Course Information

As our students advance towards Year 11, we are beginning our Year 10 into 11 Guided Pathway process. Over the coming days and weeks, members of our Senior Leadership Team will be in touch by phone to discuss potential Year 11 courses with students.

In addition to our core curriculum (English language and literature, maths, science, PE and RE/life), and factoring in subjects that will be completed at the end of Year 10, students will be guided towards the study of further subjects in Year 11 to complement their existing qualifications. We have tailored our curriculum to ensure that every student has the opportunity to obtain a good Attainment 8 score and can achieve good grades in English and maths. Some students may benefit from extra English and/or maths and/or science to help them achieve their best possible grades in these key subjects. We believe that for some students this is the right course of action and would ask that, should this be the case, you work with us to help your child to see that this is a positive opportunity.

By providing students with a broad and balanced curriculum, and supporting them to achieve the highest possible grades, our aim is to ensure that they have the best possible life chances. Our Guided Pathway process supports this vision.

Please view the following presentation to parents and students by Mr Sim, Vice Principal for Deep Experience.