GCSE results 2016


We are delighted to share that once again students at Outwood Academy Portland have achieved record breaking GCSE results!

The new accountability measures have seen many schools across the country fall rapidly in their headline figures, but both Worksop Academies have increased yet again, placing our students among the top in the country.
Students and staff worked tirelessly throughout the year to secure these results and their hard work and commitment has certainly paid off.

Results are as follows:
• A*-C in English and maths = 88%
• 5 A*-C including English and maths= 86%
• 5 A*-C all subjects = 89%
• Attainment 8 = 5.8
• Progress 8 = 1.05

Explanation of the new measures:

Attainment 8 – The average grade for all students across their best 8 subjects.

Progress 8 – The average amount of progress students make across their best 8 subjects, with a score of zero meaning they made expected progress.

Congratulations to all students and staff!