Better Reading Partnership Celebration


Parents attended a one hour training session with Mrs Hedgecock. The programme is designed to improve students reading skills over a 10 week period and parents listen to their child read for 15 minutes, 3 times a week at home. As this is a fast track programme students don’t actually read a whole book during the programme and move between various types of reading material. The improvement of the students reading ages over the 10 week period ranged between 3 months and 38 months.

8 students and their parents completed the programme and improved their reading skills.

The students who took part in the programme are:
Tariq year 7
William year 7
Naomi year 7
Harry year 7
Spencer year 7
Emily year 7
Owen year 8
Jacob year 8

This is an outstanding achievement and the academy would like to thank all the parents involved for their continued support in running this programme.