Year 8 Graduation Trip


On Monday 26th June 2017 136 year 8 students from Outwood Academy Portland went to Hatfield Woods in Hertfordshire with The Bushcraft Company for 3 days. They had an amazing time doing all sorts of exciting activities that were specially designed for fun with friends. These included making their own shelters and had the choice to sleep out in the wild in them with friends and watching the sunrise come up!

The search and rescue, and first aid, scenarios were brilliant with a real plane that had served as a crash site with teachers as the actors who needed emergency first aid.

Student's also loved doing camouflage and concealment out in the woods. Students worked within their groups to prepare a short performance for the final night where they had a competitive ‘tribes got talent’ in the main tent.
At night the woodland was lit with lanterns and camp fires; and students slept in separate gender groups in big bell tents laid out in a circle around the main camp.

The experience for our students was exceptional and truly unique, not something they had done before!

Shannon Cole said "This is the best trip I have ever been on and I don't want to go home!"

What a fantastic year 8 graduation trip we had this year!!