Macmillan BIG Coffee Morning


Macmillan Cancer Support are a charity. Each year they invite local communities and businesses to organise a “BIG Coffee Morning” to raise money to help support families who are affected by cancer.

Following last year’s hugely successful fundraising, on Friday 29th September we will once again be opening our doors to invite parents, carers and grandparents to join us for the Macmillan BIG Coffee Morning, so that even more money can be raised for this worthy cause.

For the past few years, Outwood Academy Portland has raised money by selling cakes to the students and staff at break and lunch. There are two ways that you can support this charity alongside us this year.

The event will begin with an assembly. We hope this will give you an opportunity to see the type of assembly that is delivered to students on a weekly basis. The coffee morning will follow directly after the assembly. There will also be a bake sale for students at the same time in the academy dining hall.

You may not be able to attend on the 29th, but you can still help us fundraise because we will, of course, need cakes to sell! If you are a dab hand at baking, we would be delighted if you would make a cake (or cakes) for the event. Please could we ask that you bring or send in your baking on Thursday 28th or by 9am on Friday 29th September.

To summarise:

* Cake donations will be gratefully received by Reception staff on Thursday 28th September, or before 9am on Friday 29th. Feel free to send cake donations in with students. (Please ensure your cake tins/tupperware has your child’s name and year group on it. They will be returned on Friday or Monday to bring home).

* Due to health and safety regulations cakes to be sold at the student bake sale must be purchased from a shop and unopened.

* The assembly will begin at 10.25am (Friday 29th September).

* Please arrive between 10.10am and 10.20am so that you can be seated before the students join us in the hall. There will be a member of staff waiting to greet you at the Bridge (Sparken Hill entrance). If you arrive late, I am afraid we cannot take you into the assembly as this would disturb the students. The assembly will finish at 10.40am.

* The BIG Coffee Morning begins at 10.45am and finishes at 11.45am.

Our aim is to raise as much money as possible to support the Macmillan Cancer Support charity and we will of course ensure we advise parents of the amount raised after the event.

Please do come along to support!