TeenTech at Doncaster Racecourse


On Friday 27th April 2018 Outwood Academy Portland took a group of HeppSY+ students to an event hosted by TeenTech at Doncaster Racecourse. It was a day which inspired young people and challenged their perceptions about future careers. Our Year 9 students worked alongside over 150 scientists, engineers and people working in technology, completing hands on activities, challenges and experiments which helped them see how much they might enjoy working in these sectors.

The building was filled with four floors of employers talking about the skills and abilities they are looking for, demonstrations, hands on activities and prize giveaways. The charity is run by Maggie Philbin, and she was involved with students throughout the day giving talks, collecting opinions and handing out prizes. Highlights of the day included; flying a Vulcan simulator, using BBC effects to make an invisibility cloak, Towers of Hanoi made from tyres with the Army, virtual reality buildings with an energy company and building model railways with minimal impact to the environment with Network Rail.