Year 8 Graduation


The Year 8 Graduation Ceremony at Outwood Academy Portland took place over 3 days on 20th, 21st and 22nd June 2018. It was an amazing 3 days watching 250 students graduate from KS3 into KS4. All the students took part in the Graduation ceremony, watched by very proud parents, grandparents, carers and also several teaching staff.
Our academy choir opened the ceremony with students from all year groups taking part. Scarlett S (Year 8) and Emma T (Year 8) read a piece of poetry written by a former student, undeniably showing how confident they are. Kelsie B in Year 9 has an exceptionally beautiful voice and gave a spine tingling solo rendition of "This is me". All the Year 8 students were mesmerised by her stunning voice.

The students listed below were all awarded an outstanding achievement award as part of the ceremony.

Jerome L
Millie M
Jake S
Jack McN
Aimee L
Millie W

It is always a very emotional time for the students, as they have all worked extremely hard over the last two years, enabling them to make the transition to KS4. All students who graduated will now start their GCSEs in July and begin working towards their chosen careers and working hard to gain the qualifications they will require. I am so proud of this year group and I have watched them all grow in confidence over the last 2 years. We have had lots of laughter, tears and made lots of memories. I now look forward to supporting and watching this outstanding group of young people on their journey over the next three years.

All students who graduated were invited to an overnight residential at Walesby camp, this took place on Monday 25th June and was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students, they took part in several activities, and their behaviour was outstanding.

Mrs Bradley
Year 8 Learning Manager