Outwood Academy Portland have achieved Eco-Schools Silver Award


Eco-School is an internationally recognised programme that provides a framework to help embed sustainable principles into the heart of school life and get the whole school united behind something important.

In September 2013 the Ambassadors of Eco-Club carried out an audit to assess the environmental performance of Outwood Academy Portland, which led to planning and developing a school action plan and a decision on the environmental themes to be addressed.

One of the key aims was to see the whole school participate in environmental activity and work towards targets set out in the action plan, and as a result the whole school has been provided with many opportunities to get involved and address a variety of environmental themes, ranging from energy and waste to biodiversity.

One of the key achievements is that many pupils, teachers and the wider community have participated in the projects and have helped Outwood Academy Portland on their sustainable journey to achieve an Eco Silver Award.

Sustainable projects have included:

  • Switch Off Fortnight which in the first week saved 40kwh of energy. This approximately equates to a £4 saving, and although it doesn’t sound a lot, it is just over £200 a year.
  • Waste Week which focused on the theme of recycle, reuse and reduce.
  • Science and Engineering into Schools a textile recycling programme in which 239kg of textiles was collected and as a result, 9,560 Science and Engineering into Schools Points were awarded for new and exciting equipment.
  • Biodiversity an initiative to help improve the biodiversity around school grounds through the locating of bird boxes made by our engineers.

Up and coming projects include:

  • The Big Tidy Up working in collaboration with Bassetlaw District Council and Keep Britain Tidy. The event will be held at the Canch on the 14th May, leaving school from 2:30pm and finishing at 4:30pm.
  • Walk to School Week, Reduce your carbon footprint and walk to school from 18th – 23rd May.

All this is leading towards the highest of internationally recognised awards, The Green Flag award, which symbolises excellence in the field of environmental activity. This journey to a sustainable school is well worth taking and we are proud of our achievements so far, we would like to thank everyone involved for their hard work.