National Anti-Bullying Conference


On Thursday 15th September 2018 Outwood Academy Portland took 10 Anti- Bullying Ambassadors to the National Anti-Bullying Conference in Blackpool. We were split up into three groups that went off to do separate activities which included T- shirt making, YouTube video making, Drama, Blazer designing with Trutex and Street Dance.

Alongside this, Mr Winter and Miss Jones had their own training for anti-bullying and then had the chance to make a rap and sing it. The majority of the classes involved different ways to combat bullying and different ways that we, the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, can do to help prevent this. The training consisted of a lot of fun, laughs and great ideas. The training over all was amazing and was so much fun for all of us involved, even the teachers.

We all learnt that we can be ourselves, to not be afraid of bullies and that it is OK to stand up against bullies and that we have the power to change our world for the better.