Student Voice


This year at Outwood Academy Portland we decided we would do Student Voice a little differently. After listening to the students’ opinions, we changed the structure. This had the aim of increasing student participation and engagement with Student Voice and increasing the impact they can have around the academy.

The simplest of changes, was to have two elected ambassadors from each year group. This was for two reasons; to ensure representation of each year group at meetings and so that students from each year group feel they could approach someone of their own age for ideas.

A more debated change, was the removal of campaigning. This idea stemmed from the large number of ‘groans’ from students about a lack of action and change on previously promised manifestos. Each pupil that put their name forward to be an ambassador had to write a short exert about why they would be suitable for the role.

On October 24th 2018 Students came from all year groups to vote for their respective ambassadors in official voting booths supplied by the council. The winners from each year group were as follows:

Year 7 – Jahrill T, Freya B
Year 8 – Ruby K, Keenan H
Year 9 – Harrison C, Scarlett S, Shauna-Rose M
Year 10 – William F, Blake G, Niamh C
Year 11 Presidents – Sam F, Aleksandra O

A huge congratulations to all the successful candidates. Student Voice has seen a big increase in attendance since the vote!