A Christmas Carol


On 19th December 2018, the Year 11 English and the Year 9 GCSE Drama groups went to watch an astounding performance of the original Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol performed by the TaylorMade Company. Along with ex Portland pupil (Jenny Arnold), the cast consisted of many people ranging from young to old. Even parents got involved.

The first act featured from beginning to just after The Ghost of Christmas Present. Once finished, students erupted into applause for the wonders they had witnessed. With the commencement of act two, students took their seats and fell silent ready for the curtain to rise once more. With The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come still waiting in the wings and the resolution in near view, the act began and students were once again enthralled in amazement.

After the curtain had closed, there was talk and discussions about what they had just watched. It was the topic of deliberation all the way back to school. Needless to say, every single person who went was filled with happiness as they had been given the opportunity to see a performance that they will never forget.