Greenpower Midland Test Day at Rockingham Motor Speedway


On May 7th, a group of pupils went to Rockingham Motor Speedway to participate in Greenpower’s 'test day and race'.

We had a 6.30am start from school so that we could arrive in time for scrutineering. This was followed by two 90-minute practice sessions before lunch and two 90-minute races in the afternoon.

During the first practice we had an issue with one of the battery terminals becoming loose, this was easily remedied though. The rest of the practices went well with all drivers having an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the track. We were also able to assess the modifications made to the car over the winter.

On to the first race all went well until we had issues with power consumption, as although we were more competitive than last season, we were using too much battery power.

During the break between Race 1 and Race 2, it was decided that we would undergo a gear change and also modify the battery connectors as one developed the problem of working loose. A gear change could take up to 45 minutes as it involved dismantling the drive arrangement, but with great teamwork we did all the work in 20 minutes and made the start of Race 2.

Although we were quite satisfied with our running, we feel that we can still improve for our next event in July.

Our main problem at this time is the lack of any chance to run in race conditions as we only have use of the rear area of the school, resulting in being unable to get up to race speed. If anyone has any ideas how to overcome this please contact the team.