Engineers Improve Biodiversity around School Grounds


BTEC Engineers have been working hard to make bird boxes which are now located around the school grounds to help improve biodiversity. These include open-fronted boxes for robins and boxes for tits, sparrows and starlings.

The engineers were inspirational; they approached the project with fantastic enthusiasm and maturity. They recycled and re-used old wooden sleepers to make their bird boxes. They selected their own level of challenge based upon the construction of their box, they worked confidently and independently with limited support and they worked well as a team advising and helping each other.

When making the bird boxes, the engineers had to meet many specification requirements set by the RSPCB, such as the entrance hole diameter, the height of the hole and the roof construction. This meant it was important that their boxes were accurate, made to tolerance and finished to a professional standard; therefore they conducted quality control checks on each others' work throughout the process and have produced some fantastic bird boxes.

Prior to locating the bird boxes around school grounds they researched special requirements of where they should be placed, such as the height they should be fixed in trees, the level of vegetation and the direction the boxes should be facing.

These boxes are located outside the DT Corridor; hopefully in the future we will start to see an increase of birds visiting the school grounds.