Discover Us


Discover Us is a three year programme aimed at young people who want to find out more about university.

The programme starts in Y9 and as a Discover Us student, they will visit the University of Sheffield three times a year to get to know the campus and find out what the academic and social side of University are like by mixing with undergraduate students. The programme is designed to help them discover the possibilities and choices when considering further and higher education.

Currently, we have four Y9 and four Y10 students enrolled who are:

Y9 – Liberty K, Scarlett S, Billie-Jean S, Jack M.
Y10 – Marsha B, Chelsea B, Leah P, Jay M.

Tuesday 19th March 2019 was the last Y9 visit this academic year. The students spent time in their chosen faculty in the morning and, during the afternoon, had to devise a faculty marketing campaign and present this to their peers. Arising from this, Jack M was awarded ‘Star Student’ for his dramatisation.

Also the Y10 students attended their experience day. The students attended two subjects of their choosing and participated in two workshops based around university fees, funding and budgeting. Arising from this, Jay M was awarded ‘Star Student’ as a ‘Money Master’.