Invitation to give your views on Nottinghamshire's Strategy for Improving Educational Opportunities for All


Nottinghamshire’s Strategy for Improving Educational Opportunities for All builds on the past successes of Nottinghamshire schools in raising attainment and increasing progress for all students, underpinned by the Closing the Gap Strategy 2012.

Nottinghamshire County Council are now seeking the views of all learning providers, relevant teams within Nottinghamshire County Council, key services and partners and, of course, children, young people and their families on the updated strategy.

Please take the time to view a copy of the draft strategy by clicking here:Improving Educational Opportunities for All and click on this link to complete the short online survey

Nottinghamshire County Council are undertaking this formal consultation to gather the views of all who have a vested interest in ensuring the best possible educational provision and outcomes for children and young people growing up in Nottinghamshire.

The consultation will run for four weeks, from 7th June until 5th July 2019.