Student Voice Elections


This year at Outwood Academy Portland election fever swept the school in October with our Student Voice elections. Four applicants were put to ballot with their manifestos being the only thing our electorate knew about them.

Every student in the school had the opportunity to come and read the amazing manifestos put together by the applicants of the Student Voice prime-minister role. We had everything ranging from more mental health training being available to staff, through to a bigger a better sports day. When the students decided on which manifesto would get their vote, they cast their vote using an electronic voting system.

It was a tightly fought contest between the four applicants, which led to Bronagh W (Year 8) being selected as the Outwood Academy Portland Student Voice Prime-Minister for the year 2019 - 2020. Bronagh is committed to working hard to help all the students at Outwood Academy Portland have their voice heard, she will be working alongside students from Year 7 all the way through to Year 11 to ensure the school is always improving.

Student Voice are always looking for new members, so why not come down to G1, speak to Mr Fern and get involved!