Year 8 Rugby District Tournament


The year 8s were competing in their first competition of the year in rugby. The boys got off to a great start beating Retford Oaks by a comfortable score 4 tries to nil. The next game was against Dukeries and despite a closer game the boys came away with another victory, this time by 3 tries to 1. Their final game turned into what effectively became the final as both ourselves and Tuxford had beaten the other two schools.

The final game was an edgy one, both teams were attacking well but struggled to break through either defensive walls. By half-time it was 2-1 to Tuxford. Portland kept their heads up and equalised soon after the break, but unfortunately went down 3-2 soon after. They fought back once more and despite both teams having chances it remained 3-3. The organisers decided to play ‘next try wins!’ and after 10 more minutes of play (games were only 8 minutes per half!) the Portland defence final succumbed and Tuxford finally broke through and scored the winning try.

A great game of rugby by both teams, with neither team deserving to lose!

Special mention to Tyler Witts who scored a lot of our tries and Jacob Bowles who was a key forward in preventing tries by the opposition.