• Year 7 Science Week

    On Tuesday 25th March, the whole of Year 7 took part in a full day of activities as part of Science and Engineering Week.


An introduction to My GCSE Science

'My GCSE Science' has a video log of every topic on the science syllabus. The above video shows how to use the site effectively.

CPG Revision Resources

CPG have a wide range of e-learning games, revision tests and demo resources.
'The Eye' interactive diagram on the right is an example of one of the topics available. Click on the labels to find out how the eye works and zoom in to see in more detail.
(If you can't see the diagram, you may need to install flash and check that JavaScript is enabled).

Enrichment Schedule


  • KS5 Biology (At Post-16)
  • KS5 Physics (At Post-16)
  • KS4 Core Science
  • Tutoring


  • Tutoring


  • KS4 ELBS
  • KS4 Core Science
  • KS4 Additional Science
  • KS4 Further Additional Science
  • Tutoring


  • KS4 Core Science
  • KS4 Additional Science
  • KS4 Physics
  • Tutoring


  • KS3 Astronomy
  • KS5 Biology (At Post-16)
  • KS5 Physics (At Post-16)
  • Tutoring

Key Stage 3 Astronomy Club

Did you know there are more stars than there are grains of sand on all the beaches of the world put together? Or that only 4% of the universe is currently understood? This is an exciting time for exploring space with new discoveries and new technologies that are changing our place in the universe. In Astronomy club you will learn about and discover many wonders of the vastness of space. We are currently designing and building replica moon bases. In the past we have looked at the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe. We have learnt about the constellations and the stories ancient people used tell about them, as well as looking at what other objects can be seen in night sky and how to find them. Look forward to seeing you there, just bring yourself and your imagination.

Revision Resources

We are delivering the AQA package of courses to the majority of our students. The following resources and websites are designed to support these courses.
CGP Core Science Textbook – ISBN: 978 1 84762 223 5
CGP Additional Science Textbook – ISBN: 978 1 84762 224 2 (Always select AQA courses – either Core, Additional or Triple)

Meet the team

Mr R. Southern (Head of Faculty)
Mr K. Owen (2nd in Science & AAP Deep Learning)
Mr D. Woffindin (Intervention Co-ordinator)
Mr L. Cosgrove
Mrs A. Stevens
Mr A. Conyers (Assistant Principal)
Mr P. Smith (Senior Laboratory Technician)
Mrs E. Stone (Laboratory Technician)
Mrs K. O’Brien (Laboratory Technician)
Miss E. Slatter (One-to-One Tutor)
Mr L. Woffindin (One-to-One Tutor)