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Sir michael

“The whole point of schools is that children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

Sir Michael Wilkins - Chief Executive

Outwood Academy Portland is a truly amazing place; the combination of outstanding, caring staff and committed, hardworking students makes every day remarkable.

The level of progress and achievement made by students is breathtaking, with results exceeding the top 5% of the country and students maturing into well rounded, intelligent, young adults – it is easy to see why staff and students value their time at Portland.

The learning environment and supportive ethos is all part of our vision, to offer a level of education that is undoubtedly world class.

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Latest News

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    Key Stage 4 Awards Evening

    The Key Stage 4 Awards Evening was a great success.


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    The WOW Factor

    Outwood Academy Portland will be hosting the WOW Factor on December 12th at 7pm in the main hall. Do you sit and watch ‘X Factor’ and think I can do better than that? Do your friends and family say ‘you have an amazing voice?’


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    Yr 11 Gateway to Success Event

    The event is on Thursday 15th January at the North Notts Community Arena, Worksop and is open to students and their parents.


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    Year 6 indoor athletics at English Institute of Sport

    Year 6 students from 10 of our primary schools competed in 10 athletic events at the top class facility.


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    We've achieved the School Bronze Mark for School Games!

    Well done to our students and the PE department for achieving the Sainsbury's School Games Bronze Mark.


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    New "Command Joe's" Enrichment Club

    All year groups welcome to take part in leadership skills, fun fitness, military tasks, team building and confidence building. Please go to Scott 1 at 2:30pm to meet Steven Sherlock, our Commando Joe's Team Leader. For any further information pl...


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