Thank you from Teenage Cancer Trust

Mon 14 Nov 2022
On behalf of us all here at Teenage Cancer Trust, we just wanted to say the biggest thank you, to each and every one of you, for supporting Lulu since her original cancer diagnosis in June 2019.
Your fundraising currently stands at a staggering £71,720.56.  Every single donation has been restricted to our patient services at Sheffield Weston Park where Lulu has been and continues to have support.  Your fundraising means that other young people who have been diagnosed or who are going through their own cancer journey, receive the treatment, environment, support and care they deserve, thank you.
Our Teenage Cancer Trust Young Person’s unit at Sheffield Weston Park Hospital in Sheffield is designed for 16 – 24 year olds and has five in-patient beds.  All bedrooms are equipped with comfy, home from home, soft furnishings, bespoke furniture, mood lighting, TV, DVD and gaming.  Plus, we
provide laptops and free WiFi too, keeping patients connected to friends and family 24/7.
But it’s not all about the units.  You are funding specialist nursing and support staff too, this is where friendships blossom and young people feel they have their own safe space in which to talk, be treated and supported side by side with other young people their own age but also … to just be
themselves, despite their diagnosis.
The love, kindness, and friendship you have all shown Lulu and her family is simply awesome, your support of Teenage Cancer Trust is humbling. 

Thank you for being in Lulu’s corner right now.